River rafting with kids

My daughter is adventurous as long as she can do it in her time and at her speed. For a few years, I’ve hinted that I’d like to take her white water rafting. Every time it comes up, she says it sounds scary so I haven’t pushed it. This is a kid that LOVES the […]

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Solo travel as an introvert

It’s a bit of a paradox to be an introvert but love to travel. The nature of travel puts you in unending situations where you’re forced to deal with other people. I’m sure they’re fine people but other people drain me. Yet there’s a balance that can be found on solo trips that makes it […]

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Pagosa Springs for Thrill Seekers

Some people like to lay on the beach and sip piña coladas on vacation and some people prefer high-risk activities for the adrenaline rush that accompanies them. At times, I’m both of these people but there’s just something about satisfying that thirst for adventure. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie too, you’ll have […]

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