Building your own happiness


A friend recently was telling me a story about someone who was SO angry that an error message on a website displayed a message that said something like “Oops That Didn’t Work”.  The guy in the story was so outraged that the organization didn’t have a more professional message.  This ordeal got me thinking about how we really build our own happiness or unhappiness.  Some people (like this guy) seem to really bathe or wallow in anger and let it consume them – even over something fairly inconsequential.

I’m here to tell you that you are in charge of your thoughts and emotions.  I’m sharing some of my best tips for keeping your brain (and your life) positive:

  1. Remember that negative thinking brings you down.  Your happiness isn’t dependent on your circumstances.  By allowing negative thoughts to control you, it will weigh you down.  You have the choice to make your thoughts positive.
  2. Create an amazing positive mantra.  When you start to feel the negative thoughts sneaking in, flip them and look at the positive.  It can be something really simple like “I am filled with positivity” or “Happiness surrounds me”.
  3. Stop Complaining.  Seriously.  I’m laying down a challenge for you to stop complaining for one week.  It will truly change your life.  Do it.
  4. Remember that all you can control is yourself.  It is easy to be frustrated with someone else but you can’t make them change.  All you can do is change your reaction and focus on the good in that person.
  5. When you deal with a problem, don’t let it spiral.  Instead focus on what the next step is.  For example, if you are having trouble with your car instead of dwelling on how awful it is think about what the first step of the solution is (maybe calling someone for help or calling for a tow).

This is all about focusing on you and what you are doing.  Applying these tips will definitely make you happier, regardless of the circumstances.


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