My Naked Wines Review


One of my friends received a voucher for $100 off of a case of wine from a company called Naked Wines and promptly handed it over to me (hello $100 in wine for Karmen!).  I didn’t know anything about it but the allure of free wine was too much for me and I had to check it out.  I have now been a customer for a couple of years so wanted to share my opinions on the program and the wines.

Full disclosure first: I’m probably not exactly what you would consider to be a wine snob.  I like what I like when I taste it but don’t always notice the complexities in the flavors unless someone points them out to me.  I’m fairly equal opportunity between red and white wines though I tend to drink red more when it is cold and white more when it is hot. The only wine that I flat out won’t drink is really sweet wine.

I initially bought a mixed case of wine that sold on Naked Wine’s website for $160 (so spent $60 out of pocket).  This was a steal for a dozen bottles of wine.  The bottles were hit or miss for me since I didn’t actually pick them myself but they were mostly good (to me). I do still have some bottles of moscato sitting around waiting for someone who likes sweet wines to come drink them.  Naked Wines does allow you to build your own case so you don’t end up with wine sitting around (which is obviously a crime).  The other nice thing is that customers review the wines so that you have an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Right after buying the wine, I got a call from their customer service trying to talk me into their “Angel” program.  You essentially pay a certain amount each month (I do $40) and it goes into your wine account.  As an “Angel” you receive discounts on wine, a free bottle each month and some other offers.  The nice thing about the program is that you can get your money out of your account at any time.  I signed up.

The aspect of the program that I like the most is that the money goes to fund small wineries so I continue to be a customer.  I would recommend Naked Wines if you are interested in unique wines made my independent wineries around the world.  If you are a very picky wine drinker, I think it may not be for you.


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