What I’m Packing In My Beach Bag


I’m super excited to be headed to our first beach trip of the summer.  This time next week, I’ll be lounging on the beach at Port Aransas (eek!).  Before I go, I wanted to share what I make sure to pack in my beach bag.

  1. A big floppy hat looks completely chic and helps protect you from the sun. It’s a win-win.
  2. You don’t want to be squinting all day, do you? Plus sunglasses are my favorite accessory.
  3. I really love wearing a flowy kimono over my swimsuit as a cover up.  They are light, versatile and come in a ton of amazing patterns.
  4. A huge, brightly colored beach towel is mandatory for a trip to the beach. I’m pretty sure that is in the beach rules.
  5. A bottom of water is a requirement.  Dehydration will definitely ruin your day – drink up.
  6. Seriously don’t go to the beach without sunscreen. I really like this one from Neutragena because it doesn’t feel greasy. Put it on before you go and reapply all day long.
  7. Pick a completely #adorbs tote to carry all of your stuff. Make sure you pick one that is big enough to carry all your goods.

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