Restaurant Review: Whiskey Cake

image4We went to San Antonio last weekend with no real agenda or goals.  We lived in San Antonio for many years before moving to Austin so we avoid any of the normal tourist spots.  On Friday, we just drove into town, checked into the Marriott and went in search of a restaurant.

That restaurant ended up being Whiskey Cake. I’ve seen Whiskey Cake mentioned a lot lately on the interwebs so we decided to check it out.  The restaurant (located at La Cantera) focuses on serving farm to table food and cocktails, primarily sourcing locally.  All good stuff, right?

image1The service we received was outstanding.  Our waitress, Nina Marie,
was friendly and extremely helpful.  She was eager to explain the restaurants concept, suggest drinks and food and even the best ways to eat it.

We tried a few of the craft cocktails and my husband sampled a couple of the local beers that he hadn’t had before.  All of the cocktails were fun and tasty.  They had a good beer selection with other options written on a chalkboard.  True to the name, they had many whiskey options but we didn’t take advantage of them on this trip.  I’m sure this was a disservice to the image2restaurant offerings so maybe another time.

The dishes were all fantastic.  We started with he shishito pepper appetizer.  I’ve had this dish at a few restaurants lately but Whiskey Cakes is absolutely the best version of it.  Cooking the peppers on mesquite gave them a smokey flavor that put that dish over the top.  For our entrees we both ordered a burger.  Again, perhaps a disservice to the restaurant given the expansive menu but we really love brisket burgers so had to order them.  The burgers were very good but not outstanding.  On the side, I ordered the macaroni and cheese because macaroni is a food group in my life.  It was heavenly.  The sauce was absolute perfection – the waitress told us that they make it with three cheese and white wine.  Yumminess.

As for the signature Whiskey Cake, I was stuffed by the end of the meal so took it to go.  When I ate it back at the hotel, I found it to be really decadent but too rich for me to eat more than a couple bites of.

I would definitely recommend Whiskey Cake and will certainly be going back myself.  On my next trip, I may try some of their more signature items (read: whiskey).



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