Family Vacation To Port Aransas

It’s no secret that I love the beach. I just spent six days at the beach with my family. The cast of characters for vacation was my husband, daughter, dad, stepmom, brother and two youngest nephews (12 and 15). We were looking for a relaxed Texas beach where my nephews could get their first beach experience. Although South Padre is indisputably the best Texas beach, it is a long drive so we decided to check out Port Aransas. 

The Digs

We rented a beautiful home on VRBO, ‘The Surf Betty’, because it was close enough to walk everywhere, looked clean and had enough beds for us. The house was gorgeous and truly came with a lot of extras that made our stay much more enjoyable. The owners provided things like beach chairs, an EZ Up tent, bikes, boogie boards, etc. The home also had a pool and grill that we used often. It is in a great location and is a short walk to the beach and restaurants. 


We spent several days just playing at the beach either digging in the sand, trying the boogie boards or trying to surf on rented surf boards. 

One day, we took a dolphin cruise. It was a lot of fun and the dolphins even put on a show for us literally jumping out of the water. I’ll share a full review of the dolphin cruise soon (spoiler alert: I totally recommend them!).


We mostly cooked at the house but my husband and I snuck off for a date at a local place called Stingrays. The drinks were good, there is a large craft beer menu (big deal for my favorite guy) but the food wasn’t that good. The really cool thing about the bar was they had fully functional 1970 and 1977 Corvettes mounted above the bar. The story goes that the guys opening the bar were supposed to sell them to make room but they opted to hoist them out of the way instead. Crazy, right? A full review is coming soon. 

The Beach

The beach at Port Aransas is just okay. They don’t seem to come through and clean up all the gunk that the tide brings in unfortunately. The last day at the beach, the sand and water were completely filthy. We moved down the beach a little and it was cleaner but I had to forego sand in my toes to wear water shoes. 

Bottom Line

I would return to Port Aransas for quicker trips or for a budget beach but it might be worth driving to South Padre if spending several days at the beach. We had a fantastic time as a family, at the end of the day, that’s what matters most for me.


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