Port Aransas Scarlett Lady Dolphin Tour Review

The first day that we were in Port Aransas, someone told us that you could see dolphins from Robert Point Park. My daughter is a budding (7 year old) animal biologist so we knew this was a must for our vacation agenda. Plus, dolphins are cool (how could you argue with that rationale?).
Sure enough, from the pier at the park you can see dolphins swimming all over the place. It was really neat so we decided to find a dolphin tour. The first one we called was Scarlett Lady Dolphin Adventures. They were located nearby so we booked an afternoon tour with them. The cost was $25 for ages 12 and under and $35 otherwise.  

Upon boarding the cruise, they take the obligatory group pictures to sell you later. I’m sure the picture was fine but I take a lot of pictures so it wasn’t necessary to spend $10 on it.  

The staff on the boat was fantastic. There was a captain, a bartender and the guide. Our guide was a marine biologist and was seriously informative. She was also gracious when my daughter tried to steal the spotlight to answer questions and even let her field some about the dolphin eating habits. The captain and bartender were both really personable, they willingly answered questions about passing boats or the island in general.

The whole cruise was pretty casual and the boat was really clean (this is a big deal for me!). Once we got out of dock, we were able to move around the boat freely. They had drink options (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) but we only ordered waters.  

We saw a lot of dolphins and the captain would work to move in as close as possible so we could get a good look. We even had a couple dolphins jump completely out of the water which was seriously amazing.  

The whole cruise was about an hour and a half so plenty of time to watch dolphins and enjoy the ride.  

I would recommend the Scarlett Lady tour to anyone interested in getting a closer view of the dolphins and learning about Port Aransas.


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