Summer Basics


My goal with my summer wardrobe is that it be comfortable, cute, versatile and light (I do live in Austin, after all).  These are my must have pieces for summer clothes.  I can mix and match these pieces all summer long to meet my clothes goals.

  1. White t-shirt – such a classic piece.  I dress them up and down but feel comfy no matter what.
  2. Converse Chuck Taylors – a black pair or white pair really go a long way.  I think they look really cute with pants, skirts and shorts.  There really isn’t much that they won’t do.
  3. Maxi dress – perfect for wanting to look nice in something cozy.
  4. Maxi skirt – Maxi skirts are the leggings of the summer lol.  They are really great with t-shirts or with a dresser top.
  5. Denim shorts – another classic.  Whether they are cutoff or cuffed like this pair, they make getting dressed a breeze.
  6. Strappy tank top – Seriously great for summer concerts or days out with the family.
  7. White denim – this just feels like summer to me.  I love wearing white capris with a patterned top and some cute sandals.
  8. Striped tank – Perfect for a casual outfit paired with literally every bottom on this list.
  9. Sandals – I will wear a pair of sandals like this all summer.  I have a pair of black and a pair of brown that I will live in until September.

Is there anything you would add to the list?


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