Grand Cayman and Snorkeling the Barrier Reef

20245949_10101263037949445_250055454514270279_nIt is no secret that Grand Cayman is stunning.  Tourists have been flocking to the island for many, many years with good reason.  The island is clean, the people are incredibly gracious and it has the obvious benefit of being  surrounded by the infamous turquoise Caribbean sea.

When I initially arrived, I just took off walking to get to know the area.  Luckily it is really safe to just wander off without feeling like you are in a compromising situation.  I loved taking in the sights.

Even just the things you can see on the side of the road are incredible.  I also really enjoyed all of the wild iguanas that are absolutely every where.  Sometimes they startled me a bit (when I startled them).  It turns out that the green iguanas aren’t native to Grand Cayman so are actually a problem to the ecosystem.  I didn’t see any of the native blue iguanas on my trip.

20155632_10101263038458425_2808880770377909646_nOn our self-guided tour of the island, we also came across a little, quiet beach access.  There were no other people on this particular section of beach so it was perfect for cooling off and laying in the water.  If I ever return to Grand Cayman, I think I would avoid the tourist beaches and take advantage of some of the available free access.

As we were planning the trip, I knew immediately that I wanted to snorkel the barrier reef in this area.  Much of the reef is tragically dying (thanks humans) so I really wanted to make sure that I experienced it.

We took a snorkel trip through Don Foster’s Dive Cayman on the Skin Diver.  Our tour 20228912_10101263347119865_5187381257615701471_nguides were awesome.  They were professional, informative and funny.  On the way out to the site, they gave us information about the island, the reef and safety tips.  The equipment appeared to be clean and in good repair.  Once we were all in the water, they were also really attentive.

It was approximately 40 minutes out to the reef.  The Barrier Reef was gorgeous and healthy looking to me.  There were tons of beautiful coral and vibrant fish.  I wish that I would have remembered my GoPro for underwater pictures.  I snapped a few with my phone but missed all the really amazing underwater stuff.  Oh well, it will live on in my head.




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