Social Media Creepers


I run several social media accounts (personal and public) so I get more than my fair share of social media creepers.  Some of these people are innocent but just terribly socially awkward.  Some of them are much more serious, unfortunately.  Here are my tips for dealing with these jerks.

  1. Ignore them

As I said, many of these people are just socially awkward and trying to connect.  Typically I will just ignore an initial message and this is enough for them to move on to creeping someone else.  If they persist, I’ll just tell them something like “I’m not interested”.  This honestly is fine for 90% of the weirdo messages that I receive.

2. Block Them

I sprinkle the block button around like glitter.  Life is too short to have to interact with idiots.

3. Delete the Public Messages

Don’t leave up weird comments on your public posts.  Delete them so that it doesn’t encourage like minded morons to leave their own creepy little gifts.

4. Trust Your Instincts

You are under no obligation to be polite to cretins.  If your instinct tells you that an interaction is off then you are probably right.  Even if you were originally talking to them and realized during a discussion that something was off.


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